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Wool Carpet the pros and cons

Wool carpet has been a fiber of choice for many years. There are many great qualities in favor of wool carpeting. The wool fiber is one of the most durable and wearable fibers used in making area rugs and wall to wall carpet. We have used wool carpet for commercial applications successfully. Wool carpet does better on staircases than any of the other fibers. Staircases are the ultimate test area to see a product’s durability. Wool carpet is also favored for its ease of maintenance stain resistant qualities. Wool is a natural fiber that is a renewable resource. This fact is more and more favorable to the environmentally conscious consumer. There are many carpets that are being promoted as green environmentally friendly products, but most of them do not hold a candle to the green qualities of wool carpets. Many wool carpets are made with jute backing. Jute backing is also a natural fiber. You can’t get must greener than wool carpet.

Now there are always some draw backs to everything. Although wool carpet is very durable, stain resistant, environmentally friendly, and so on, it is not for everyone. For some reason we have known some people to be allergic to this natural fiber. One thing that could be a dislike to some is that wool carpet has a unique smell. The smell is much stronger when the wool carpet get wet or absorbs a high level of moisture. Another draw back is that pets seem to like to mark wool products. This is never a good thing, but it is not always the case. We have plenty of customers with wool carpet and animals that do not have this problem. Wool is an awesome product, but the biggest reason many people do not choose wool carpeting is that it is one of the most expensive. Also being that this yarn is more costly than some of the synthetic fibers, the manufacturers normally make higher end product lines with the wool yarn. To conclude you must look at all the variables to see what fits you best.

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