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Things to consider when buying Laminate floors

There are many things to consider when purchasing laminate floors.  What type of area you plan to use them rental house, commercial project, or your dream home.  Then you need to consider the  purpose it will serve.  Whether you are you planing to install laminate floors yourself or have a professional install them for you.  What kind of budget you have in mind.  Are you trying to find the most inexpensive laminate to meet a budget.  Are you trying to capture a unique look from your laminate floors?  Some things you may want to keep in mind while considering the different laminate floors available is the quality, looks, the ease of installation,or the price.  One thing we believe to be of great importance is the quality of the lock system used to lock the laminate floors together.  If you have a lock system that is to difficult to use you will not only loose you mind trying to put it together, but the look of your job will suffer.  There are many different type of systems that work fine, some easier than other.  If you are considering doing the laminate floors job yourself, the lock system is a area to pay sharp attention to.  We have found that the Kraus Jacksonville Plank is one of  the easiest brands of  laminate floor to install. There are many of laminate brands that are very workable for people to install themselves.  It is best if you can touch and work with some in stock laminates to get a idea of how simple it will work for you.  If your laminate floors are going to be used for a rental project or a budgeted oriented project you may be able to give up some qualities for the price.  If you are looking for laminate floors for a more particular project and are looking  to capture a certain look and quality; you may want to think about some of the feature and qualities of the laminate flooring.  There are several feature to consider.  Every product has pluses and minuses, yet it is good to look measure the differences.  There are different thickness of laminate.  The standard is 8mm thick.  Products under 8mm thick will normally be more or less the low end of product choices.  There are many very high quality 8mm laminate products, yet the thicker the product the better the acoustics it has.  A 12mm thick laminate will sound more solid when walking on them.  You also want to consider the realistic look of the product.  The texture of the laminate flooring is important.  Some of the wood pattern laminate flooring has a beveled edge making it look like the real thing.  There are piano finish laminates that really look realistic.  So much of the look has to do with your personal prefers.  It sometime will help to see a picture of the finished product when choosing a flooring.  Some of the other consideration are technical features.  Is the laminate floor a high pressure laminate flooring? Or a direct pressure laminate?  How hard is the laminate floor’s inter core?  How does the laminate flooring compare to others in reference to moisture protection? Some laminate floors have an attached backing.  The attached padding on the backing of the laminate is not a bad quality, yet we prefer using a proven high quality underlayment call Quite Walk.  There is a lot of good information that can help you with you purchasing decision.  So take your time and look for a truly good value and know what the differences are when you decide on the product that best fits your needs.

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