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Solid hardwood verses engineered hardwood

There are many misunderstanding about engineered hardwoods. There are advantages to having solid hardwood floors as well there are many advantages to having engineered hardwood.  We sell more engineered hardwood in the Wilmington, N.C. area.  The South eastern area has a much higher level of moisture and harsher conditions which can be a problem for wood.  The engineered hardwood will have better stability in the Wilmington and southeastern region due to it’s cross grain construction.  The engineered hardwood has multiple layers of wood that are glued and pressed together.

The grain of the layers are bonded together in perpendicular directions to insure the least amount of contraction and expansion.  Many times the layer of wood will be a less expensive wood like fur.  Although in some of the better quality engineered hardwood these layer are made with the same species of wood the top level is made from.  There are still many different quality level in engineered hardwood.  Sometimes the low grade engineered hardwood are very cheap flooring and give the other engineered hardwood a bad name.  There are many things to look at when you are trying to identify a quality engineered hardwood flooring. When buying hardwood flooring it is a life of the home investment.  So it is important to purchase a hardwood flooring product that will pay you a return.  A good hardwood floor should give you decades of life and should in most cases out live the person who purchases them.  If you buy a engineered hardwood with a 3 or 4 mm wear layer it will be able to be sanded and refinished multiple times.  Secondly having a good quality finish is important.  A good finish can last 20 years or more.  Most pre-finished engineered hardwood have an aluminum oxide in the urethane finish.  This product is the 5th hardest element known to man and is typically found pre-finished hardwood flooring.

The pre finished hardwood flooring whether solid hardwood or engineered hardwood share in many finish qualities.  Some of the advantage in solid hardwood is that it has the most wear layer available to sand and finish in years to come.  The big advantage to engineered hardwood is that it is much more stable than the solid hardwood.  As long a you purchase a quality engineered hardwood, you would not be able to see or know much or any difference between the two. So don’t be afraid of exploring the options of using a engineered hardwood flooring.

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  1. Did not know there was a difference. Very interesting!
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  2. brian from stone panels says:

    Is the engineered floor more sturdy and durable because of the multi-layer construction? I didn’t know about the engineered floor options. I live in a cold climate and snow /water has damaged my hardwood floor.

  3. Are these floors safe for common floor steamer mops?

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