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Hardness Rate of Hardwood Flooring the basics differences you can understand.

There are many details to consider when trying to find the right hardwood floors for your home.  Lets talk about the hardness rate of hardwood flooring and understand what the benefits are of the hardness of the wood you choose.  The hardness of the hardwood can be important but it should not be the only feature you consider.  Our suggestion when buying hardwood flooring is to make sure it fits your lifestyle and will serve the purpose you have in mind.  For example if you do a bit of high end dinner parties where your guests might wear high heel shoes, you might want to consider one of the hardest hardwood floors.  Brazilian Walnut is one of the highest hardness rated hardwood flooring products.  You would want a very hard density hardwood for the dinner party kind of occasion.  Otherwise you might have high heel marks all throughout a softer type of wood like American Cherry.  There are many advantages to a very dense hardwood flooring.  Some advantages are as follows: more dent resistant, more stable and less likely to move, has some long term wear qualities and less likely to have moisture issues.  Some other things you may consider with an extremely dense hardwood flooring is that it can be much harder to get a nail through and harder to cut with a saw.  This may be harder to install than some other hardwoods.  It will be much heavier carrying the boxes into your job site for sure.  There are some extremely dense floors that are better to install with a urethane adhesive due to the difficultly of getting a nail through the wood.  Some of the strand bamboo flooring will give you trouble nailing.  There are some misconceptions people have about how a floor will perform due to its hardness rating.  Just because a hardwood flooring has a high hardness rate does not mean that it will not be easy to scratch or mark the finish of the product.  Although there are lots of qualities that come with a dense hardwood flooring, it is not the only detail to check out when you purchase your floors.  There are hardwood floors that range from the lowest to the highest density that will last the life of your home.  We suggest looking at many details. For instance, what look do you like?  Hand scraped hardwood? Distressed hardwood? A high shine elegant finished hardwood floor? Exotic hardwood floors?  Oiled finished hardwood floors?  Cabin grade hardwood floors with a country style look?  Satin finished, gloss finished, or matte finished hardwood floors?  Raised grain hardwood or wire scraped hardwood?  Solid or engineered hardwood floors?  Pre-finished or unfinished hardwood floors?  There is so so much to consider when buying your hardwood floors.  You want to get it right the first time.  Remember hardwood flooring is an investment.  Whether you stay in your home or plan to sell in years to come the hardwood flooring should give you a return on investment. When buying hardwood flooring it is best to take your time and ask the necessary questions.

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